What, Me Worry?

This was a tough week for the economy, wasn’t it? It’s getting to the point that I’m not able to listen to or read the news without cringing.  Years ago, when things were going a little better, we could blame consumer confidence on the media and say that they were putting fear in the hearts of people and things were not that bad.  However, after this weeks’ headlines, this just in: it’s that bad.

So, Eldest Son was admitting to me that he was very concerned about something.  I listened intently, ready for him to tell me that he was worried about the failing economy, his parents’ jobs, or something like that.  No, that wasn’t the problem.  “I’m really concerned about the Hadron Collider and what this means for the future of the universe.”  The look on my face must have given away that I had no clue what he was talking about. 

It’s no secret that my son is a self-professed nerd and computer geek.  He reads endlessly about scientific things and knows more about his computer than I could ever hope to.  Most of our conversations about such things leave me in the dust.  “Oh, gosh… the particle collider.  Ummm… what’s that?”  He sighed.  “You know, the particle smasher – it can cause black holes.  Do those scientists know what they’re doing?” 

I snapped into my no-nonsense mommy role, asking him about who was funding this project and what was the purpose.  After talking it over, he decided that we’ll probably be okay and, if they blow us all to smithereens, well, we all have to go sometime. 

Wish I felt as confident about the economy.  If that is blown to smithereens and huge companies keep crumbling, we still have to try to survive somehow.  Now that is something too worry about.


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