I Used To Have It All Together, But I Forgot Where I Put It

I’m a little concerned about my memory as of late – I seriously keep forgetting things.  I owe my dear friend Stef money, told her I’d be by on Friday to put a check in her mailbox and proceeded to go about my day without even thinking about it.  I mean, not at all.  Not even a “wasn’t I supposed to remember to do something?” moment. 

I have notes all over the place, reminding me of things and dates and times.  Notes are only good IF you remember to look at them.  Otherwise, they’re just another reminder that you’re losing it when you actually do find them.  I used to have such a good memory and I just don’t get this at all.

I have tried to eat “power brain food” including almonds, peanut butter,”colorful” veggies and enough blueberries to make me look like Violet Beauregarde a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I’ve also started taking ginkgo biloba, but so far I’m just as ditsy as ever.  Today I just decided to chuck the whole thing and go to McDonald’s.  Comfort food is good when you’re feeling distressed. 

I checked out the Anti Alzheimer’s Prescription by Vincent Fortanasce from the library.  Maybe he has some suggestions.

Is anyone else out there going through this?  Please say yes…

Oh, Happy Autumn!  Hey – I remembered to say that!  Maybe there is some hope after all…


One thought on “I Used To Have It All Together, But I Forgot Where I Put It

  1. I am SO with you! If you figure out any tips for improving memory, I am all ears! I used to be one of those people who could remember everything (like the birthdays of each one of the people in my class each year in elementary school, cumulatively). Then something happened around undergrad (I would not doubt that it could be directly related to consumption of alcohol and/or other such brain-cell-unfriendly activities) and it’s gotten worse since. I do marginally better when I’ve had good sleep (which I try to make a priority every night) but I still have to rely on my Blackberry and Outlook and such to keep track of things. Again, if you come up with any strategies, I could totally use them! 🙂

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