There Is No Fun in “Fun”draising

Psst…  do you want to buy some popcorn?  A Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit?  A magazine?  Just let me know, I’ve got it all this year.  Or, I should say my kids do and I’m willing to help sell it.  At a time when there is much uncertainty and not as much money to spend on extras, my kids are expected to fund raise for their chosen activities. 

They are certainly not alone.  I’ve had many an athlete from one of our high schools stand on my porch and shyly ask if I’d be interested in buying whatever their team is selling to raise money.  I bought flowers from the marching band.  I’ve given my returnables to kids collecting for bottle drives.  I’ve bought and eaten many boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  It’s just what you’ve got to do.

I know that it’s a tough time for a lot of people and asking them to dig into their pockets for money is hard.  I just keep thinking over and over, it’s for a good cause.  Let’s face it, there’s worse things we could spend our money on and our kids are worth it.

I once heard a quote that I really liked… “In a perfect world, the schools would have all the money they need and the government would have to hold bake sales to raise money for missiles”.  Anonymous

Amen.  Oh, let me know about that popcorn, okay?


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