What the World Needs Now

…is a global TIME OUT.  Yes, that means YOU.  Turn that damn television off, stop listening to the radio and just sit down and chill.  If it helps, drink an adult beverage.  We could have a worldwide Miller Time. 

I’ve witnessed some pretty bad behavior lately.  I mean crabby, mean, rude and totally out-of-control behavior.  It wasn’t from children either.  It was from crabby, mean, rude and totally out-of-control adults.   

I realize that many people are on edge.  Heck, my husband works for a bank and I’m feeling it too.  The whole U.S. financial structure appears to be tanking and there’s no good answers.

To make matters worse, I absolutely LOATHE presidential campaign years because they become just nasty, mud-slinging hate fests.   The old adage that you shouldn’t talk religion or politics with others becomes painfully true.  I personally think that it adds to the general unhappiness.

That all being said, the behavior I’ve witnessed over the past week at the library has been totally unacceptable.  There was one afternoon that I practically RAN from the reference desk because we had to deal with so many angry, unreasonable patrons.  It sucked to be me that day.

Here’s my question: if a person can become so nasty with their community library, how do they treat their banks, their doctor’s office, their utility companies, etc?  Scary.

We ALL need warm fuzzies right now.  Civility goes a long way and is the right thing in the end.  Where is that personal first grade teacher when you need them?  Forget adult beverages – maybe we all just need milk and cookies and a nap.


4 thoughts on “What the World Needs Now

  1. I hear you!

    I just published a book called “Mothers Need Time Outs Too” (McGraw Hill 2008) and it’s message goes for EVERYONE: It’s time to slow down and take stock of where you are and what you are doing. It’s time to stop reacting, and start acting.

    Even in stressful times, we can make the choice to have a crazed day where we snap at people and feel overwhelmed, or we can choose to stop for a few minutes — our research with over 500 women shows that that’s all it takes sometimes!– to catch our breath and think: do I really want to honk my horn? Do I have to check the Blackberry while driving? Maybe I should take a few minutes and walk down the street with my kids and check in with the moment.

    We don’t have to live life in a constant state of panic! Sometimes all it takes is small steps towards a goal of being still more often.


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