What Was I Thinking?

Someone else must have hijacked my planner because I don’t know what happened.  There are appointments conflicting with other appointments, appointments scheduled when I have to pick up Youngest Son from school and general mayhem. 

Kind of like when I ignored my back up signals and backed into our mailbox, I am apparently on automatic pilot lately.  I have NO idea what I was thinking. 

I think that I am afraid of white space on my calendar.  Similar to awkward pauses in conversations, I must subconsciously view them as an affront to my productivity. 

Nah, I just wasn’t paying attention, but that sure sounded like excellent psychobabble.

It looks like I’m available on Tuesday, November 18th for about two hours in the afternoon.  I think that I’ll pencil in “take a nap”.  Then I’ll schedule two appointments overlapping it and we can all have a good laugh.

Wishing you all a day with “white space” on your calendar.


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