Not Me Lives at My House

I am going to evict Not Me from my house.  I am tired of his/her antics.  Every time there’s something wrong, damaged, broken or not done correctly, Not Me is to blame. 

I think that he/she is in cahoots with I Dunno and No One.  Not, I and No are hooligans and I just can’t catch them in the act.

Just the other day, the kitchen floor was completely sticky and something had splashed all over the bottom of cabinets.  When I pressed for answers, Eldest Son told me I Dunno.  Him again.  There was something unidentifiable on the couch downstairs and No One was to blame.  Not Me is responsible for leaving half empty pop cans in the fridge. 

Maybe I should start putting the blame on Every One and there will be consequences for him/her.  That might make Not, No and I stand up and pay attention.


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