One of the Best Ideas My Husband Says He Ever Had

Tomorrow is Youngest Son’s 7th birthday.  Can’t believe that our little guy is that old. 

It seems like just yesterday when I told my D.H. that I really really really wanted just one more baby.  Just one more, please?  I was struck by this extraordinarily strong maternal instinct that said that we needed three children. 

I don’t think that he could believe I wanted another child – Eldest Son and Teenage Daughter were seven and five at that time.  We were both 34 and he was done, thank you very much. 

I’m not sure how I convinced him, but Youngest Son arrived a little less than nine months later.  Five weeks less, to be exact.  I was sitting at the reference desk on a very stormy Thursday night counting my contractions and thinking that I wasn’t supposed to be due until November 10th.  I went home an hour early and called my mother-in-law to spend the night with the other two kids.  Youngest Son was born at 4:45 the next morning. 

Banker Husband likes to think that his sports buddy was one of his best ideas.  He also says that adopting our dog was his idea too.  I’d just like to set the record straight.  Here’s wishing one of my very best ideas a happy 7th birthday!


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