Is There a For Dentists?

This is the tale of two dentists.  One of them is not telling the truth or the other is just downright negligent.  Too bad that I didn’t go to dental school to know the real story.

I went to a new dentist yesterday along with my kids for routine cleanings.  I didn’t just pick this guy out of the phone book, he was recommended to me.  I sat in the chair, ready for him to tell me how I take such good care of my teeth (I’m really anal about brushing and flossing).  Nothing could have been farther from what happened. 

He proceeded to ask me how often do I *think* that I floss my teeth?  When was my last cleaning?  Huh?  I was indignant.  He then went on to tell me that I have significant bone loss from my gum recession and that four of my fillings need to be replaced because they’re either cracked or decayed.  All I could think was, “What the hell is going on here?”

I’ve been concerned about my gums for quite some time.  My previous dentist had no trouble with just bonding the exposed nerve roots and telling me to brush carefully.  There was no concern about the fact that it was getting worse over time and he didn’t even bat an eyelash at the fact that my jaw hurts sometimes, possibly pointing to TMJ, which can also affect gums. 

As for my fillings, I’m not sure what to say about those.  Could this new dentist be lying about them to get more money out of my insurance company?  I just can’t imagine, but then again, I couldn’t imagine that my gums were in peril either. 

So, here’s the question… was my last dentist that much of an idiot or is this new dentist not telling the truth?  The whole thing is making me slightly paranoid.

Incidentally there really is a for politics.  Check it out for yourself – the lies that politicians spread make both of these dentists look like choir boys.


One thought on “Is There a For Dentists?

  1. That is insane! It seems like they’re both on opposite ends of the spectrum (one crazy negligent, one crazy overzealous), although I know nothing about teeth other than having had cavities/root canal/etc. myself, so who am I to say. 🙂

    I go to Dr. Morse in Plymouth and like them quite a lot, FWIW.

    I’ve heard that has recommendations for dentists (and doctors and other stuff) but it’s a for-pay service so I’ve never seen the actual info. I looked on, but there’s only one dentist in the area with any feedback at all, so that’s hardly helpful either. Maybe we should start something! 🙂

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