All Work and No Money Makes Amy a Dull Girl

It’s becoming obvious that I’m falling behind in the popular culture category.  My co-workers chatter constantly about the latest Dancing With the Stars cut and who is the worst designer on Project Runway.  I can tell you when the next cold front is going to blow through or what’s going on in the financial world because I watch the Weather Channel and news compulsively, but I haven’t a clue what else is going on in the pop culture world. 

I’m also feeling clueless about what to wear these days, so I took Teenage Daughter to the mall this weekend to try to see what’s going on in the world of fashion.  She showed me a pair of completely ripped up jeans at Abercrombie for $85.00.  “Aren’t there a-DOR-able, mom?”  Yes, I said.  Destroyed jeans are very fashionable.  They’re also overpriced and I used to wear them in the 80’s.  Boring. 

Moving on to Hollister and “hoodies”, we discovered that they were overpriced too.  That didn’t stop her from picking up a very fetching yellow one.  “Aren’t these a-DOR-able, mom?”  Yes, they are adorable.  They were also one of the cheapest things you could buy back when I was in high school.  Adding “Hollister” on the front makes them cost twice as much as they are worth.  Ridiculous. 

The entire shopping trip made me realize what a markup there is for clothes.  Mediocre, cheaply made ones at that.  I’ve had to mend a couple of Teenage Daughter’s t-shirts that cost over $25 each.  The material was so thin that it was almost see through. 

I then read just today that many women are going to resale and consignment shops because of the economic downturn.  Now THAT sounded exciting to me.  Trying to get a good deal and finding cute, almost new clothes is my idea of fun.  I’ve even found things before with the price tags still on them!  Woo hoo!

I *may* still be dull as far as fashion goes, but at least I won’t be overpaying for my clothes.  Maybe I’ll even find a pair of ripped up jeans and a stylish hoodie.


2 thoughts on “All Work and No Money Makes Amy a Dull Girl

  1. I love thrifting! I did a lot of it in undergrad – I worked at the Goodwill, though, so it was pretty easy and I actually got a discount (40% off of $3.99 for a pair of jeans? Yes, please!). Hooray for deals and the thrill of the hunt.

    Do you know of any good thrift shops around this area?

  2. Salvation Army on Orchard Lake Road in Keego Harbor/Orchard Lake.

    Ann Taylor Suit = $6.00
    Eddie Bauer No-Iron Blouse w/ tags still on it = $4
    Black trendy trench coat that I found out was originally $90 = $24

    Oh yes…it’s awesome. I am a thrift-a-holic.

    If you want to be hip, go buy a sweatshirt from Salvation Army and we’ll spray paint words on it or something. I’ll get one too!

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