Thanks For the Ride – You Can Drop Me Off Right Here

Youngest Son announced to me yesterday that he no longer wanted me to walk him to the first grade door and wait with him.  He told me that I could just drop him off and he’d wait with the other kids.  And, by the way, there was no more hugging him in public.

This is one of those moments that parents expect to happen at some point.  Your youngest child becomes quasi independent and you have to accept your new role in life.  I’m not one of those mothers whose entire identity comes from my children.  That being said, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad just the same.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought something like, “I can’t wait until this stage is over” (ie potty training, temper tantrums, not sleeping through the night, etc).  Or, “things will be easier when…”.   Some moms LOVE having babies and toddlers, but I have to admit that I enjoy having older children.

Still, when I allow Eldest Son to drive my car (why didn’t they come up with a brake for the passenger side?), write checks out for Teenage Daughter’s class trip to New York, or drop my first grader off without hugging him, I realize that time is going so fast. 

My mom once told me that she went for one of her yearly physicals and filled out the ages of her adult children.  She looked at the paperwork and thought to herself, “Whose children are these?  I can’t have kids this old.”  I can see it coming now – I’m right there with you, mom.


4 thoughts on “Thanks For the Ride – You Can Drop Me Off Right Here

  1. Reminds me of a great Jeff Foxworthy stand up routine:

    I have two daughters. I live next door to my brother, who has three daughters, so almost every day, I have to drive them to school. And last year, while I was driving them to school, we ran out of gas in the carpool lane because my wife does not realize it’s actually legal for women to purchase gasoline, so… But we run out of gas and people are honking the horn and having to back up and go around and the kids are mortified. So the next morning, when I took them, I made sure that tank was as full as it could possibly be, and I pull up to the front of the school, and they have these assistant teachers that help open the door. And I’m not even trying to be funny. I roll down the passenger window and yell out, “I’ve got gas this morning!”

  2. My mom routinely wonders to me how it’s possible that I’m so old already. (I’d think it’d wear off as you get older, but perhaps not.)

    BTW, I think your son’s teacher was one of our competitors at the spelling bee last night. They did really well!

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