The 7 Problems of Highly Annoying Organizers

Dear Steven Covey,

We need to talk. 

You’ve made an absolute MINT off of your Highly Effective People book series and now you’ve partnered with the Franklin Organizer company to be the FranklinCovey company.  How original. 

Anyhow, I had to buy one of your “compact” organizers because my last one was discontinued and your company appears to be the only one left making one this small.  It seems that the trend to carry purses larger than ones children, therefore enabling women to carry just about anything, and the combination of Smartphones and BlackBerries have almost made very small organizers extinct. 

I have included a photo of the telephone/address portion of said organizer.  As you can see, the area to write addresses in is smaller than a dime.  I don’t think that I can write that small.  In fact, I don’t WANT to write that small because I’m over 40 now and I’m sure that bifocals are in my future.  How can I be highly effective when I can’t see what I’ve written?  


I’d also like to talk with you about the calendar portion.  When I got your organizer home, I realized that the calendar section had no tabs for the different months.  They appear to be color coded by season.  That’s NOT helpful.  How can I be highly effective when I’m fumbling around in April looking for an appointment in May? 

Also, I appreciate all of the other bells and whistles such as the time zone map of the United States and astrological sign symbols.  What would I do without a visual aid of Aquarius?  How was I to live without a personal blood pressure record?  Nice touch.

Maybe it’s good to realize that not everyone can afford an electronic organizer and many of us highly effective (or maybe it’s highly over scheduled) people need larger writing space.  Thanks for listening.

Yours in productivity,



5 thoughts on “The 7 Problems of Highly Annoying Organizers

  1. smaller than a dime? how ridiculous! i’ll stick with my google calendar – i got very frustrated last year trying to find an adequate planner, so i’ve jumped on the GooCal bandwagon!

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