Sometimes You Have To Slow Down and Smell the Febreze

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?  Great, because I’m gonna tell you all about my week.

First, the MLA conference in K-zoo went just fine, thanks for asking.  Was inspired by librarians who are not only innovative but highly creative and fascinating all at once.  Made me realize how much I DON’T know.

Then, I went to work yesterday but had to leave at 2 pm because Youngest Son had a scrimmage down at the Joe Louis Arena, followed by a Red Wings game. Woot!  However, after having my seat kicked for three hours by the little rink rats sitting directly behind me, I was really tired and ready to go home. 

So, we got to our house and our dog, JoJo, was SO happy to see us.  Too happy.  Then Teenage Daughter reported that JoJo had an accident in Youngest Son’s room.  Not just a little oopsie in the corner, but great brown piles of icky mushy doggie poop.  All over.  On the clothes left on the floor.  On the carpeting.  Yes, you get the picture.  Why she didn’t decide to have an accident on my wood floors will remain a mystery.

Then I felt bad.  Poor JoJo.  She had been left alone pretty much all day and didn’t get her walk and that was the result. 

I decided today that enough was enough.  I’m not making any plans for next week.  I’m not going to run hither and yon, make myself exhausted and neglect my family and dog.  I’m going to be “domestic woman”, preparing home cooked meals and cleaning up the mess around here.  Not that I don’t do that when I’m overly scheduled, but I’m going to pay more attention to what I’m doing.  I’m going to try to appreciate it too. 

Sometimes you just have to slow down and smell the candles.  And Lysol.  And carpet cleaner.  And Febreze.


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