It’s All Relatives

I’ve been working on my family’s genealogy for a while now.  I found a site called Geni that allows a person to type in their family tree including birth, death, and marriage dates, place of birth, etc.  You can even upload pictures.  It’s actually pretty amazing to see your entire family tree in front of you. 

It’s also been interesting in a very different way.  I’ve found out all sorts of things about my relatives.  Things like who was pregnant when they got married, who was married three or more times, etc.  Thought your great aunt Tilly was just another blue hair?  Think again.

It’s fun to see people’s reactions when you ask them about such information.  Kind of fun-in-a-sadistic-way.  So, I asked my mom about one relative who I would vote least likely to have a shotgun wedding.   She was just as surprised as me.

Trying to pronounce the names of long lost relatives who probably couldn’t speak a word of English as they disembarked off of their boats is quite a challenge.  In the case of my husband’s family, names like Scholastica, Gustaaf, and Petrus.  Those Belgians sure could name ’em. 

It would kind of be nice to have a private “note” field on the side where you could put things like, “Never heard from after 1962”, “Incarcerated 1911-1934”.  You know, helpful stuff like that.

Then, there’s the ability to connect your family tree with others.  How fun is that?  Hey, maybe we’re related!  Maybe you’re my fourth cousin three times removed on my mom’s side.  Who knows?  According to Geni, we’re all related.


2 thoughts on “It’s All Relatives

  1. I’ve been thinking about exploring geni sometime soon. My mom’s father’s side of the fam’s family tree is pretty well researched (mom’s father’s brother was a librarian and pretty much wrote a book about it) but there’s still her mom’s side and both sides of my dad’s family. I should sit down and pick your brain sometime! 🙂

  2. Hmm, yes. A while back a friend of mine had one of those awkward “but great grandma’s name wasn’t Ruth, so why is great-grandmpa’s name on this wedding certificate?” moments. Drama drama drama!

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