Look Mom, No Coat!

It seems like there will always be a generation gap between teens and their parents.  I remember my own parents saying things like, “I don’t remember doing (fill in the blank) when I was growing up,” or “We didn’t have (fill in the blank) when we were young.”  I promised myself that I wouldn’t say things like that when I had kids.

Well, I lied.  There are things that my teens do that I just don’t get.

Take, for example, the disdain of warm outerwear that my son, and apparently many other teens, has these days.  The wind chill here in Michigan this morning is in the 20’s.  It’s, literally, freezing outside.  Eldest’s Son’s ride wasn’t going to school so he had to walk today and he was planning on wearing his hoodie.  It’s just a hooded sweatshirt, but he insists that it’s fine and he’s never cold. 

Sure.  No hat, no gloves, short sleeve shirt, damp hair and hoodie.  Makes me shiver just to think about it.  “Why don’t you wear your real coat?” I ask.  Apparently it’s too small now, so we found something else.  He grumbled and complained the entire time he was getting ready for school.

I got to work this morning and saw that he had texted me.  Mom… this coat is not warm AT ALL…  I texted back that it was better than his hoodie.  It’s always good to get the last word in.


3 thoughts on “Look Mom, No Coat!

  1. I can totally remember standing at the bus stop and feeling my wet hair freeze (this was the 80s, so it froze in perm spirals). I have no idea what I was thinking.

  2. I remember being recently admonished by a colleague for not wearing a warm enough coat. Some people never grow up 🙂 At least YOU didn’t have to carry his unworn coat, which always seems to be what happens when my 5 and 7 yr olds don’t wear theirs!

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