The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Poor Halloween. It has gotten a bad reputation in the past ten years or so.  There’s been backlash for quite some time regarding some of its more evil qualities.  Concerned parents have either boycotted it or given it a more politically correct spin by calling it “Harvest Day” or something like that. 

I’ve had someone tell me that the jack-o-lantern was an ancient symbol for a house that killed virgins.  I had someone else tell me that the ghost I created out of Elmer’s glue and gauze was symbolic of evil spirits.   I can ASSURE you that there are no murderers nor evil spirits in my home.  There are smart mouthed teens, naughty dogs and nasty dust bunnies, and there are certain times that I can act like a witch,  but not one evil creature in the whole bunch.

I think that some of my favorite memories are from Halloween.  There is nothing like going out trick-or-treating to oodles of houses, going home and dumping your pillowcase onto your bed, and then going out for more.  I love the smell of all of that candy – I think that Yankee Candles should come up with a Halloween candy scent so that I could burn it all year round.  Talk about yummy. 

Then there is the candy itself.  It is SO fun to examine all of your loot and pick out things you will never, ever eat and give them to your parents.  My mom loved all of my Mary Janes.  My dad was good for Fifth Avenues, Butterfingers and black licorice.  Ick.  My personal favorite candy were technically not a candy.  I loved wax lips.  Who invented these and why is beyond me, but they were still my fave.

I know that scary costumes and characters are not good for the youngest goblins, but as a teen and young adult, I loved having the pants scared off of me.  I loved scary movies and haunted houses.  Being chased through dark hallways by a psycho with a chainsaw was major league fun. 

“The Blair Witch Project” permanently cured me of wanting to see any more scary movies or going through haunted houses.  I remember sitting with the afghan over my head and asking my husband if it was over yet.  He didn’t think that movie was scary at all but I was FREAKED out by the thought of being caught in a forest with an evil, well, not sure what that was.  I just know that I do not watch those types of movies any longer.

Finally, what kid doesn’t love picking out their costume for the year?  I still think it’s fun to come up with a cool costume idea.  I used to decide on my costumes a whole year ahead of time!  You can be anything (within good taste and reason, of course) if only for a few hours.

Wishing everyone out there a very safe and happy Halloween!  I’m DYING to hear about your day (mwa ha ha ha ha).


3 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

  1. OMG!!!! WAX LIPS! And all the splendid variations…wax vampire fangs, wax teeth and mustache…I mean, the options are endless!

    I love Necco Wafers. There is no reason for them to have any sort of market share anymore…they are so utterly plain compared to other candys. But yum…love those.

    Happy Halloween you spooky librarian you!

  2. Did you know that the whole “razor blade in the apple” thing is a total hoax? I read about it in Made to Stick – there was never any proof that that happened to anyone! So the whole wrapped-candy-only thing is total fearmongering.

    I am a huge fan of scary movies! I love falling into that stomach-fluttering feeling. I do not, however, appreciate being scared after the movie over – something my friends have played on for years (after seeing some horror flick, I recall informing several of them that they were Not Allowed to make me afraid of my own basement, which was creepy enough on its own. Of course they ignored me 🙂 ).

    I think my favorite Halloween treat was that really crappy bubble gum that only retains its flavor for a few minutes. It was also a parade treat, now that I think about it. 🙂

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