Three Days Later – But Who’s Counting?

This post is for any mom out there considering sickness or contemplating having surgery.  Think HARD before you take that plunge – there could be dire repercussions as a result.

According to my doctor, my surgery was “textbook” and completely successful.  That’s good because it was delayed for two hours and was at 4 pm instead of 2:30.  I ended up not eating that entire day.  My recovery room nurse was cranky and wanted to go home and we didn’t end up getting home ourselves until after 9 pm.  What an ordeal   

Then, there’s the recovery stage of surgery.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn personally, but moms really do a lot of work.  They are the clean up and set up committee, chef, chauffeur, personal planner, bank and gopher.  We do it all. 

Well, that is, before this week.  I’m still recovering and in some serious discomfort.  That’s putting it mildly.  The GOOD thing is that my kids are *finally* old enough to help me out, but that doesn’t mean that things are easy.  There’s lots of jostling, asking people to drive other people places, planning ahead for mishaps, and general mess. 

On the flip side, there have been kind friends who have brought over food, friendly librarians who do home deliveries, a loving mom who stays the whole day to help out, special in-laws who take care of kids and a wonderful husband who does everything I can’t.  Plus all sorts of kind wishes from friends and co-workers.  Guess I’m a very lucky person indeed.

That all being said, I’m thinking twice before I do this again.  Told you I wasn’t a good patient.


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