Tell Me Something I Didn’t Already Know

I subscribe to several RSS feeds for personal blogs, health and genealogy sites.  In the case of the health feeds, I have come to the conclusion that RSS stands for Really Stupid Studies. 

For example, here’s one RSS headline:

FDA: Don’t Use Chinese Infant Formula: Agency Warns of Possible Melamine Contamination in Infant Formula Made in China

Does anyone else remember all of the pet deaths that occurred last year?  This one should have been a no brainer.  Here’s another one :

Healthy Tanning Beds? Experts Say No

Umm…. when did anyone decide that melanoma was good for you? 

I think that the researchers who did this next study deserve a special prize:

Study: Ice Cream = Happy

Too bad I couldn’t be one of the participants.

This just in:

Toys in Doctors’ Offices Are Germ Hotbeds: Refrigerator Handles, Light Switches, Phone Keypads Also Harbor Germs

I could have told this researcher this information 15 years ago if anyone had asked me.

Finally, hold onto your hats because here’s a real kicker:

Growth Hormone Therapy Increases Kids’ Height

Well, I would certainly HOPE so. 

See what I mean?  The really frustrating part of this is that someone actually got paid to conduct these studies.  Or, someone else wrote a dissertation and got their Ph.D. based on the findings.  As my grandmother used to say, good ol’ common sense isn’t so common anymore.


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