The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Quick – pinch me!  What year is this?  I’m having flashbacks back to 2001.  Here’s why I’m confused:

1. I have a small child who is going through some phase and has decided to come into my bedroom and wake me up every night.  I haven’t had this problem in many years.  Please don’t judge me but I threw a sleeping bag on my floor so that he will just lie down and leave me be.  If you’ve never had this problem, how nice for you.

2. My house is worth only slightly more than we paid for it in 2000. 

3. I’m cutting coupons in order to save money (I HATE cutting coupons – they’re a necessary evil).

4. I paid $1.99/gallon for gas yesterday.

5. I’m thinking of creative and less expensive Christmas gifts for the holidays for my friends and family.

New world order?  Bring it on.  No, President Reagan… Michigan is NOT better off than it was four years ago.


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