An X-Rated Post

Sorry that I haven’t been “present” lately.  All five of you who regularly check in must have wondered where I’ve been.  This post surgery stuff has been tough, but I’m persevering.  In fact, I’m going to work an entire day tomorrow.

Speaking of work… went to an all day in-service for the library today.  The kind where you team build, listen to speakers and eat excellent lunches.   Many of my co-workers weren’t excited but I happen to like in-service day.

So, one of the speakers talked about generational differences.  You know- how Baby Boomers are different from Millennials, what their strengths and weaknesses are, etc.  I happen to fall into the Gen-X category.  I was born in 1966 and the Boomers officially ended in 1964, so I am, just barely, the beginning of the Gen-X generation.   

Quite frankly, the speaker didn’t paint a pretty picture of people my age.  We’re – get this- aimless, pessimistic, underachievers.  The only positive thing that she said was that we don’t need much supervision.  Great… we don’t need babysitting but we can’t find our way out of a paper bag either. 

I have to beg to differ with this OPINION.  I have met many focused, intelligent, independent, positive people my age.  I’m not lost and I work very hard both at home and at work.   We Gen-Xer’s can’t help that we’re being compared to and sandwiched in-between overbearing Boomers and Millennial praise junkies. 

So, here’s to other Gen-X’ers out there.  Let’s say that X stands for eXcellent, X-ceptional, and eXtraordinary.  You wouldn’t call Tiger Woods, Celine Dion, Renee Zellweger or Will Smith slackers, would you?  I thought not.


5 thoughts on “An X-Rated Post

  1. I have to say that I was disappointed in that speaker. She went through all the stereotypes, but didn’t move on to the reality and how to actually put that knowledge to use. I mean, the stereotypes are funny and whatever, but if you’re going to go there, you need to follow it up with something with some depth. I felt like she was in such a huge hurry to be done – I was not impressed.

  2. Yeah, read an article about this a few years ago in either LJ or SLJ and the truth is that you can piss people off if all you want to do is cram them into a box with a label. On the other hand, if you speak about it in terms of trends and talk about how the differences might affect work relationships and how knowledge of the differences might help us understand each other, then you’ve got something. One of the things that has struck me when I have read about these generational differences has to do with jobs and loyalty to employers. The day of the “company man” is gone–died right along with all of those retirements benefits that companies no longer offer. That doesn’t mean someone of the newest generation shouldn’t do a good job, it just means that loyalties to an employer are understandably different, which I’m guessing influences that person’s long-term outlook?

  3. Love your blog…found you through JenX67.

    I rather enjoy this: Let’s say that X stands for eXcellent, X-ceptional, and eXtraordinary. Yeah!

    But Celine Dion is a Gen Xer? She seems much more mature to me?

  4. hmmm, yeah, I’m a millennial. apparently i love group work, technology and expect to have the best of everything immediately. i like technology but the other two, well, I dunno.

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