Gaming – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Soooooo…  Where were YOU last night at 1:45 am?  I can tell you where I was: looking for my wayward husband who was shooting people and driving a tank with his headphones on.  That’s right, he was da da daaaaaa….. gaming with Call of Duty 5

I then went to make certain that Eldest Son had gone to bed.  He was passed out in his chair with headphones on and keyboard in his lap.  Hanging out with 10 million other humans, dwarves, orcs and trolls can apparently be exhausting.  That’s right, he was da da daaaaaa… playing World of Warcraft 4

I have to be up front and honest – I just don’t get it.

I do understand getting so engrossed in something that you no longer have any concept of time.  I think that happened to me maybe 15 or so years ago – before I had kids.

That being said, this obsessive need to play a game for HOURS is kind of beyond me.  Granted, there are far worse things that my husband and son could be doing. 

After I found my DH and made him put his gun down, we both went back to bed.  I couldn’t sleep.  So I read my latest book, Darkfever, by Karen Moning for an hour.  Now there’s something to get obsessed over, and it didn’t use any electricity.


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