Rating ‘o the Green

Let’s face it – there’s a whole lot of “green” products on the market these days.  One has to wonder if they’re any good.  Not everything can be fabulous. 

Here’s a short list of green products I’ve tried and my reviews.  (Disclaimer: no one is paying me or giving me freebies to do this – it’s just another service I provide).


 Go Green Bags by Perf  
 Pros:  Strong
                          Have handle ties
                          Completely biodegrades within two years.
               Cons:  Expensive – a box of 12 bags is over $6.00
                          Not easy to find – I have to go to Walgreen’s (yes, Walgreen’s – who knew?) to get these –  can’t find them at Kroger or Target

green-things3Planet Dishwashing Liquid
Pros: Hypoallergenic- this is the ONLY dish soap that doesn’t make my hand eczema flare up!
         Effective – Cleans dishes, pots and pans well, even greasy ones
Cons: Expensive – Over $3.00 a bottle and I haven’t seen one coupon 
           Not easy to find – I’ve only been able to purchase this at Kroger


Clorox Green Works- I’ve tried the natural toilet bowl cleaner and the all purpose glass and surface cleaner
Pros: Can be found at all stores
         Slightly more costly than other cleaners, coupons available
         Both products seemed to work fine
Cons: Toilet bowl cleaner does not disinfect
                                                                  How do we know Clorox products are truly green?

  Marcal Sunrise Recycled Toilet Paper
Pros: Available at most grocery stores and other chain retailers
         Competitively priced
         Completely recycled
Cons: NOT SOFT!! 
          Too thin – one sheet ply
           My family hates it
           Reminds me of school toilet paper

These are the only products I’ve tried lately.  It’s not much, but as you can see, “green” products aren’t found everywhere and they tend to be more expensive.  Before I try more, I’d love to hear what others think!  Please comment back if you’ve used other “green” products that you love or hate.   

Just think – we’re saving the environment one post at a time! 


5 thoughts on “Rating ‘o the Green

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  3. Good for you for trying all these out! And thanks for reviewing them. I am on a quest for a good facial scrub that actually feels like it works and is also green. Or green-ish. I’ve tried a few Burt’s Bees products, but they ended up feeling like they left a residue of something on my face rather than cleaning it. Meh.

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