Twilight – the Movie

I got in touch with my inner 13-year-old this weekend and saw “Twilight” – the much anticipated movie.  I have to say that I enjoyed myself thoroughly and didn’t let the mixed reviews sway my opinion. 

For one, the setting was great.  The scenery was exactly as I had pictured it while reading the book.  The Cullen’s house was perfect, the murky weather was just right, even the dance studio scene was just as I imagined it.  Perfect.

The casting was pretty darn good.  Bella looked and acted just as I imagined her.  Edward looked more like a brooding hottie than an angel.  Worked for me.  The rest of the Cullen clan and Bella’s high school buddies were great too.

Okay, so it was a bit melodramatic.  Well, so were the books.  Romeo and Juliet was melodramatic – all great love stories are to some extent.  I thought that Bella and Edward had great chemistry and their love story was believable. 

If you read the books, go see the movie.  Don’t read the movie reviews and go with zero expectations in mind, like I did.  You might be pleasantly surprised. 

Can’t wait for the next one.


3 thoughts on “Twilight – the Movie

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