Not Your Average Thanksgiving List

I’ve had this “I’m Thankful” message sent to my email in box probably 10 times in the past two years.  It says something like “I’m thankful that I have high heating bills because it means that I have a house to heat” or some similar wording.  Well, here’s my version of the “I’m Thankful” list…

I’m thankful that I have grey hair to color – it means that I’m an involved, worried parent,
I’m thankful that gas is finally cheaper – it means that I can afford to drive my American made car,
I’m thankful that I married my adorable DH – he’d be lost without me,
I’m thankful that I am a librarian – it makes paying off my fines very easy,
I’m thankful that my teen daughter wants me to take her to the mall every weekend – it means that she still likes me and my money,
I’m thankful that my dog will not stop barking – it makes her more adorable when she’s quiet,
I’m thankful that I’m always cold – it gives me an excuse to buy more cute sweaters,
I’m thankful that I was told to learn web 2.0 – blogging is so much fun.
I’m thankful that I still can’t lift anything over 10 lbs – it makes my family participate in many domestic chores,
I’m thankful that my husband and I are employed – I’ve grown accustomed to eating regularly and having running water,
I’m thankful for Thanksgiving – it’s my very favorite meal of the year and one of my very favorite days too.

Hope you all have lots to be thankful for this year – wishing you and yours a wonderful Turkey Day.


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