Christmas Overachievers are Annoying

I have always secretly wondered about people (mainly women) who smugly answer “I’m all done, everything is wrapped and I’ve got all the food for my 10 parties” when asked the hypothetical question, “So, are you done Christmas shopping yet?”

Of course, when people ask me that loaded question, I have to answer, “Heck no – I’m only half finished”, which is actually a lie because I’m maybe a quarter done. I haven’t even considered what I’m serving for Christmas Eve buffet and Christmas Day brunch.  There are no gifts wrapped either.

I save sending Christmas cards to those people who sent them to me before 12/24.  Just a little trick I learned a few exhausted Christmas’s ago.   This year I’m including e-cards to people who comment back on this blog.  Just trying to be fair.

Christmas Day dinner will be Chinese food.  Of that I can be certain.  Don’t laugh – you should try it sometime.  Having no pans to clean up is liberating. 

Misery loves company, so if I ever ask you how your Christmas shopping is going, just lie to me.  Tell me that you haven’t even put up your tree yet and are thinking of skipping the whole damn thing. 

Then you can go home to your immaculate house with all of your professionally wrapped gifts and secretly laugh at me.   That’s what friends are for, right?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Overachievers are Annoying

  1. Here’s one for you. I thought I placed an order on Amazon for me nephew, but apparently exited the screen without doing so. Didn’t realize it until days later. So, not only am I not done with my shopping, but I’m even LESS done than I thought I was!

  2. And it’s not just shopping – have you ever tried to make one of those gingerbread houses? Puh-lease! And Chinese food sounds wonderful – do you get the “smiling duck” like in the movies?

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