Let Me Tell You All About My New Purse…


My last few posts were really serious and, quite frankly, downright depressing.  Realizing that  we all need a little joy at this time of year I’m going to talk about something that made me very happy this past weekend. 

It’s called, My New Coach Bag.

That’s right, I got a new Coach bag from my very best-est friend, Julie.  Julie and I have been friends since 7th grade and she wanted to give me something very special.  Never mind that I only spent the “normal” amount of money on her – she went all out this year.

I’m normally not materialist, but I gotta tell you that I love this purse.  I love the silky pockets lining the inside, the fact that it’s small but roomy, the shiny buckle and the little Coach tag hanging off the strap.

In fact, it’s made me realize that I may need another one.   Maybe a black one, or a flirty pink one for fun.  Maybe my DH will be reading this and make notes.  

Maybe I’d just better stick to Target and Kohl’s.   Or get another job.  In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my little bit of luxury.

It’s kind of obvious that I don’t get out much, isn’t it?


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