Okay, So I’m Not Martha Stewart…

Today was Banker Husband’s work potluck.  He needed a dessert so I volunteered to make some very delicious looking raspberry cheesecake bars from the latest Kraft Food & Family magazine.  They were supposed to look like this:


Nice, huh?  Notice the lovely, symmetrical shape of the bars, the artful icing decoration and the perfect proportion of cheesecake to raspberry topping and cookie crust. 

Well, mine didn’t look like that at all.   In fact, it looked like the cheesecake from hell.   When I tried to cut the bars the raspberry topping oozed creepily, the crust was difficult to slice through (thereby making them all different shapes), and the white chocolate topping fell off.  

I wish I had taken a picture to share with you, but I was too busy trying to fix the mess to think that far ahead.  Just think gloppy jam topped with jagged shards of white chocolate sticking up at odd angles and you have a pretty good visual aid.  Egads.

The worst part is that I really don’t know Banker Husband’s co-workers all that well.  If I knew them they might look beyond my sad dessert and know that I actually can cook and bake.  They would know me well enough to joke about the cheesecake mess and we could all have a good laugh.

Instead, I will be thought of as John’s domestically challenged wife… you know – the one that sent those hideous cheesecake shapes.   Poor Amy – she can’t bake.

I’m going to comfort myself with knowing that things could be worse.  Check out  Cake Wrecks – a blog that features very scary cakes.    Some of these creations actually make my cheesecake hell look pretty tasty.


3 thoughts on “Okay, So I’m Not Martha Stewart…

  1. My darling, I made ill-fated pasta in vodka sauce last week. It was dreadful. And it was my fault for trying to channel my inner Martha too! Hey, you’re a Domestic and Librarian Goddess…you did it on purpose so we would know that even you too, great goddess, are fragile! 😉

    PS I love the new purse. I am living vicariously through you. 🙂 Those Dooney and Bourke bags I just don’t get tho, do you?

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