From My Computer to Yours

anne-taintor-holiday-creditIt’s not looking good.  My Christmas cards are still in boxes in my living room and I’ve yet to send any out.  Dang.  Merry unfriendly Christmas. 

Interestingly, we haven’t received too many cards this year either.   Definitely less than last year and no Christmas letters either.

Here’s a true confession – I believe that writing a Christmas letter that doesn’t become a bragfest is a real achievement.   I’ve read some very nice ones that I appreciated and there have been others over the years that I just couldn’t believe.  I used to have a contest each year with my friend Julie to pick out the most obnoxious one but I’ve become nicer in my old age. 

In fact, I’ve been thinking a long time about what I would actually say in a Christmas letter (since I’ve never written one).  So, here you go – from my computer to yours.


Dear Friends, Family and Anyone Else Who Finds This Post,

Wishing you all the joys of the season!  It’s been quite a year at our house and I just wanted to keep you up to date on the day to day happenings.

First , I am happy to report that John and I still are employed!  Hooray!  The unemployment situation here in Michigan is dismal and I hear that it might get worse in 2009.  Since I’m really spoiled and I’ve gotten used to things like eating food and having running water, I really feel that we are blessed. 

Our children are all doing fine.   Eldest Son is a sophomore in high school now.   He’s doing well in high school and is involved in robotics.   He also spends every spare moment on his *&%! computer much to his parents’ chagrin.  According to a book that I just read, it take approximately 10,000 hours to master anything in life.  I’m happy to report that, at this rate, he will be eligible to receive an advanced computer gaming degree within the next two years.   I’m also happy to report that he’s a good kid and that’s very fortunate considering some of the teens I deal with on a regular basis.

Teenage Daughter is in 8th grade and has become quite a young lady right before our eyes.  She has also become quite the connoisseur of cosmetics and other beauty implements.  I have lost track of how many straightening irons she has gone through the past year but I know for certain that they aren’t cheap. 

If you would like to know what’s going on in the world of fashion, Teenage Daughter is your girl.   If you want to know what’s in her locker or closet, you’ll have to just guess.  They are too messy to find anything.  I understand that creative people are rarely neat.  That also makes me feel better about her room.

Youngest Son, who is in 1st grade, is also growing up so much this year.  He has currently lost both of his front teeth, forcing me to break into the song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” when he enters a room.  Kids just love it when their mom does that sort of thing.  He really looks the part of a hockey player now. 

I continue to get reports that he likes to express himself in school and exhibit his new found independence.  I’ll be meeting with the teacher in January to discuss such expressions.  Other than that, he’s a great kid.

Our labradoodle, JoJo, has finally stopped trying to chase cars.  It only took a shock collar and a whole heap of guilt.  She does continue to eat Youngest Son’s toast when he has stepped away from the table for any length of time, however, prompting me to threaten her on a regular basis.   My dearest husband has taught her how to jump up on the bed and thinks he’s really funny.   He and JoJo both think that making me mad is a jolly good time. 

I wish that I could report that we were able to travel to exotic places this year but that would be lying.  We did get to drive down to Kentucky to see Mammoth Caves. 

I must say that the children all behaved themselves quite well and the caves were some of the coolest things I have ever seen.   Plus, I like the way they talk in Kentucky, sugar.  (Y’all come back now, y’hear?)  Gas was over $4.00/gallon last summer and my car gets 15 miles to the gallon (no exaggeration) so the whole trip only set us back $2,000.  Woot!

On a serious note, both of my parents are in remission from cancer.  They were both going through treatments in 2007 and are now doing much better.  John’s parents, all of our siblings, and our nieces and nephews are all doing well too and that’s something to be happy about.

Finally, I’m happy that I have found blogging as a past time and a hobby.  It’s much cheaper than therapy and keeps me out of bars, illegal activity and general trouble.  Thank you, WordPress, for giving me this free and easy way to express myself. 

Merry Christmas to all!  



5 thoughts on “From My Computer to Yours

  1. Thank you for not discussing our son’s crack habit and my drinking problem. You’re a peach hon.


    PS. Nobody else can read these responses right.

  2. This is a terrific letter! I’ve been putting off doing ours (I think we’ve decided to send New Years cards instead of xmas this year, since it’s already 12/22 somehow). Now that KB is going out of business and Karl’s losing his job it just feels sort of depressing to write the how-we’re-doing letter. Even though he sort of hates it there, it’s still annoying to have to write it down. Bleh!

  3. i definitely don’t do christmas letters. ours would be:

    dear friends and family,

    we are STILL in school. i know, it seems like we’ve been in school FOREVER. yes, we have a lot of loans. no, we don’t know when we’re having kids. yes, we know the job market sucks. no, psychology and psychiatry are not the same thing. yes, you really do need a degree to be a librarian.

    happy holidays,
    the parkers

  4. Your blogging happen helps keep you out of prision? Dang, what am I doing wrong? If you know, you can write me at the State Pen, Cell Block C…

    Merry Christmas A, you are so funny and amazing, my blogging friend!

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