Christmas By the Numbers


Merry Christmas everyone!   Wishing you tidings of comfort and joy, peace and goodwill toward men. 

We’re between meals here at the Lee house.  I’m not exaggerating – it’s been one huge party/eatathon.  Here’s our Christmas by the numbers so far…

20 people here last night for Christmas Eve
19 songs on my homemade Christmas mix
18 times I’ve watched A Christmas Story
15 cans/liters/bottles of beer and pop
14 towels washed
13 new Bakugan
12 cookies eaten off the counter by JoJo
11 people here for Christmas brunch
10 pounds of Honey Baked ham
9 people here for Christmas dinner tonight
8 songs downloaded onto Teenage Daughter’s iPod
7 entrees ordered from the Chinese food restaurant for Christmas dinner
6 pounds of pulled pork 
5  Bloody Mary cocktails drank (ewwww…)
4 loads of dishes washed in the dishwasher
3 happy children
2 failed songs on Rock Band 2
…and a cute Coach wristlet bag!

Hope Santa was good to you too!  


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