December 26 – the Saddest Day of the Year

It’s over, isn’t it?  The hustle and bustle, the shopping and wrapping, cards (which I didn’t do), cooking, cleaning and carrying on.  Over. Done.  Take the tree down and call it a year.

When I was little I HATED December 26th.  I would have such a letdown that I couldn’t imagine waiting another year for Christmas.  The expression “Keep the Spirit of Christmas in Your Heart All Year Long” pretty much went right over my head.  I’m not thinking about Christmas in March, thank you.

These days the 26th is sad for other reasons.  For one, I ate way too much.  Yuck.  I even brought the leftover cookies to work today to get them out of my house.  I don’t need one more.  

Also, my Target and Visa bills came.  Goodness, I was generous this year and I’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Hope you had a good birthday, Jesus.   Same time next year, right?


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