I Want to Be Neurotic When I Grow Up!

Facebook has been a very interesting website for me.  I’ve located people that I haven’t spoken to in ages (or they’ve located me) and it’s so fun to see what others are up to.

The ability to upload pictures is yet another very fun feature.  I like to check out what pictures others are posting – it’s kind of like a glimpse into another person’s life.  

It also makes me realize how truly boring  and slightly neurotic I’ve become.

Take, for example, some gorgeous pictures that one of my college roommates snapped both in Europe and in the US.  She’s an interior designer so they were artistic and classy.  They showed lavish store and window displays featuring all sorts of textures, materials, food and to-die-for clothing. 

After looking at them, I should have wanted to run and redecorate my house, book a trip to Europe or check a photography book out of the library.   

Instead, I sat back and wondered how they would dust all those displays. 

That’s right.  When faced with art and humanities, all can do is wonder if the Swiffer duster would be the best way to keep it all clean.

What the hell happened to me? 

I know what you’re thinking and thanks for the medication suggestion.  Facebook is also a great way to share your neurotic tendencies and find out things you didn’t know about people already.  

Letting it all hang out has never been so easy!


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