Right on Target


Yesterday, I went to pick up a prescription from the Target pharmacy and I walked out with $150 worth of necessities.  (Actually, it was over $160 but I had a 10% off coupon – I may be addicted but I still know how to save money). 

How did this happen, you ask?  I’m really not sure and that’s what scares me.

For one thing, Target strategically places clever sale items right by the cash registers, which I walk by to get to the rest of the store.  I *think* that I need these items, so in my basket they go.   Also, I know where everything is, so once I get started it’s hard to stop me.  I go on autopilot and continue to throw things in my basket.    I convince myself that it’s good to stock up on items and I’m here, so why not?

Finally, the end caps call my name – they get me every time.  The red “CLEARANCE” sign, which can be plainly seen across four aisles, should just be renamed to “things that you didn’t realize you need but you do”.   The haphazard nature of the items makes them even more enticing – you just never know what you might find at 75% off.  What an adventure.

Perhaps this is all because of childhood deprivation.  I stopped into KMart (yes, they still exist) before Christmas with Teenage Daughter and Youngest Son to buy my mom a gift card.  Teenage Daughter looked around and asked me if I actually shopped at KMart when I was growing up.  Feeling kind of nostalgic, I told her about their frozen Cokes and blue light specials.  I told her that KMart was really the only store around of its kind.  

She then looked me straight in the eye and said, “Then I feel really sorry for you.”  Kinda put a damper on my 1970’s flashback. 

I explained to Teenage Daughter that you can’t miss what you don’t have.  We didn’t have Target, so we didn’t know what we were missing.  Right now I’m missing half of my paycheck paying off my Christmas Target bill.

I’m going to have to start going to Target Addicts Anonymous – would anyone out there want to be my sponsor?  Expect to receive frantic cell phone calls at all hours, begging you to stop me from picking up just a few things from Target.

On second thought, we could have weekly meetings at the Target cafe and discuss my addiction over coffee.   Then we could talk about the weekly specials and share coupons.  After all, that’s what co-dependent friends are for.


4 thoughts on “Right on Target

  1. i could be your sponsor, amy. i went in to target wednesday and came home with only one item – and it actually happened to be the item for which i ventured to target in the first place! amazing!

  2. I LOVED Kmart frozen Cokes and Cherries (mixed together) and the popcorn that they had in bags under the hot lights for hours. I feel sorry for Teenaged Daughter that she didn’t get to experience the awesomeness of it all. By the by – the number of times I could actually GET a frozen coke was VERY limited. Had probably five my entire childhood.

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