Going to Pot

Dear Governor Granholm

Yesterday I hit a pothole that was the size of a large dog.  The impact actually made my teeth rattle.  I attempted to swerve and avoid it but that was difficult because I had to avoid at least five other potholes while swerving.   I was afraid that my car was going to fall into this huge hole and I wouldn’t be able to get out.  Here is a visual aid in case you’re having trouble grasping the size of this:

I have heard that the county that I live in is currently broke and work crews can’t keep up with the repairs to the shoddy work that they did in the first place.   The trouble is that if I continue to drive into potholes and ruin my tires and suspension, I’m going to be broke too. 

I realize that you must have a lot on your mind including a very weak economy and a state budget deficit that make the above referenced potholes probably seem rather silly.  However, every time I drive lately I wonder why I’m still living here in this state and, clearly, we don’t want any more people moving out.  It’s just bad P.R.  When your commercials said that we were all going to be blown away here in Michigan, you weren’t referencing tires, right?

So, would you please do SOMETHING?  How about the 100’s of dollars we spend every year to get those silly tabs replaced on our license plates – could that be used to fix the roads?  I thought that the money was earmarked for such a purpose, but I think that it was mislaid somehow.  Just wondering…

Thanks for listening.  




One thought on “Going to Pot

  1. Hear, hear! There are a few that, since they’re on my regular route to and from work, I’m aware of and can usually avoid, but they are getting to be so ridiculously big! I’m surprised more people haven’t completely blown out their suspension.

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