American Idol Is a Therapist’s Dream


 Okay, here we are in season seven of American Idol and I can’t believe that it’s still as popular as it is.  Are these people for real or were they just hired for entertainment purposes only?  Do they REALLY think they can sing?  Is Simon really that much of an ass?

Sometimes, when I’m watching the auditions, I start feeling really bad about humanity in general.  The people who start to cry from being rejected and act as though they’re going to off themselves scare me.  Were they abused as children?  Are they delusional?  Did they stop taking their meds? 

How ’bout those outfits? I’m currently watching a guy who’s at least 60 pounds overweight in skin tight black leather pants and jacket trying to sing in an operatic voice and he just can not believe that he’s been rejected.  Someone needed to take him aside and fill him in before he embarrassed himself.  Maybe his parents, who were standing slack jawed by the door, should be blamed.

I think that American Idol should have therapists on hand for counseling.  Why anyone would audition for American Idol and put up with having the judges laugh at them is beyond me.  Kind of like calling Dr. Laura and being berated.  I just don’t get it.


3 thoughts on “American Idol Is a Therapist’s Dream

  1. I didn’t watch this time–only listened from afar as Pete had it blaring while he exercised. I watched part of last season, but really couldn’t hack how embarrassing it is and how sad it made me that tons of people seem to get joy out of watching other people told how much they suck. I get it that later on people rally behind their faves and all that. I just couldn’t stick with it long enough to get to that point. I guess it’s just me.

  2. The Dude has me watching American Idol. I have never really watched it before. It’s an amazing lesson in the power of self-perception, is it not? I, like Stef, have a hard time watching some of those folks getting told they are horrible…they sometimes throw the nicest people under the bus in the most harsh way! Did you see the girl who told them God will punish them for not choosing her? Dang…invoking the wrath of God! These people mean business!

  3. What does our society say in general with all these reality shows? Why do we take joy in others’ pain and humiliation? Do we feel that badly about ourselves that we can only feel better by laughing at someone who is that worse off?

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