Buy Now and Avoid the Rush

I know you’re all busy with the Inauguration today.   However, if you have an hour to spare in between sitting on the couch and watching TV or attending a gala ball on this historic day, please make certain that you go out and buy your spring and summer wardrobe.   If you don’t you might just miss it before the stores decide to switch to fall stuff again.  

Let me explain…  I need a pair of winter boots.  Mine are completely worn out and there is no tread left on the soles – I just about slipped and broke a bone this weekend.  Now, last time I checked it’s still winter here in MI.  We have at least a foot of snow on the ground and the groundhog hasn’t given us the paws up to spring being just around the corner.   So, I need to buy a pair for the rest of this winter (which usually lasts until Easter). 

I have looked ALL OVER for a nice pair of boots and all that’s left is crap.  It’s either picked over, ugly or size 4.5 narrow.   That being said, if I wanted to buy a nice pair of shorts, capris, cami or bathing suit, I would be in luck. 

What is it with our stores?  I’m pretty good at planning ahead, but this is ridiculous and it seems to get worse every year. 

Okay, thanks for listening.   You can go back to your regularly scheduled Inauguration now.   I’m going to look online and see if the e-retailers have anything to offer.


2 thoughts on “Buy Now and Avoid the Rush

  1. I just placed a couple of orders for boots from Zappos and Shoebuy for boots. I couldn’t find anything when there was some stock left in the stores, and then we got all this show and there was nothing left in town. Ugh!

  2. OMG – did you really break a bone?!?! AMY-KINS!!!!! Macy’s I’m sure is having winter clearance – walk carefully – don’t run – and go check it out!

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