Look Alikes and Mood Searching

So, you’ve been surfing the Internet and you feel like you’ve hit a wall because it’s rather boring as of late.  Not to worry… Teenage Daughter has just introduced me to two new sites.  

The first is called Totally Looks Like.  Take two photos, put them together and what do you get?  You get Pam, the Bride of Chucky.  Notice the resemblance?

Pamela Anderson Totally Looks Like Bride of Chucky

Second, are you tired of Google’s boring, white screen?  Don’t worry – Pinkle is here.   Put on your rose colored glasses and feel pretty while you’re searching for that perfect site.  

If you’re feeling calm and serene you could try the Blue Search Engine  instead.  Feeling trashy?  Try the Redneck Search Engine.  Who knew searching could be this much fun? 


Got any new sites to share?  Be sure to leave me a comment below!  Happy surfing!


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