I’ll have the Swedish Meatballs With a Side of Frustration


If you had found me wandering around IKEA yesterday, this is what I would most likely would have said to you if I knew Swedish…

“JAG kan icke finna vad JAG er sett för och min fot dödar jag.”  (translation: I cannot find what I am looking for and my feet are killing me).

I was on a very important errand for my Florida friend, Helen.  She wanted Dimpa clothing bags, which just happen to be available in-store only.  I had one hour before I was supposed to be at work, so I set out to find them.  That’s when the trouble started. 

Have you ever been to IKEA?  If no, then let me just give you a really quick visual.  It’s basically a two story warehouse, including concrete floors, that has acres of merchandise set up for each area of the house.  You have to follow a pre-destined path to get to each area and, if you get turned around or lost, there are friendly signs with arrows pointing you in the proper direction. 

It was NOT designed for directionally challenged people, people with physical challenges or parents of fussy children.

It was also NOT designed for librarians who are wearing improper footwear, going to be late for work, and looking for an obscure item.

I *thought* that I knew where they should be, so I went there first.  Bins upon bins of stuff, but no Dimpa bags.  I asked a cranky looking employee, who was putting one of those incredibly comfy looking goose-down duvets on a display bed, where I would find closet organization items.  She barely looked up.  “Back upstairs in the closet storage area.”   

That didn’t sound right – I had just been there.  However, I dutifully walked  back up the stairs, back through bedrooms, bathrooms and then to closets.  No Dimpa anything.  I finally found an IKEA employee who would make eye contact with me. 

The look on his face said, “You silly IKEA shopper” but out loud he said, “Dimpa clothing bags?  Oh, you need Home Organization.” I must have looked exasperated when I said, “I was JUST THERE and I saw no Dimpa anything.” “Well,” he said wistfully, “they could be anywhere down there.” 

That did it.  I was going to go back down to Home Organization and find that bin of Dimpa organizers even if my aching feet fell off.  I was a woman on an IKEA mission and, by gosh, I was going to complete it.

So, I wound my way back through kitchens, sofas, tv stands, shelving, lighting, knick-knacks, pet items and finally to Home Organization.   There they were, right next to the laundry and shoe organizers.  

To celebrate my success, I stopped over at the desk organization area and got some new magazine holders for work.  After all, I deserved them with all I had been through.

I now need to find a box big enough to send them to Florida.  Guess what?  They’re a really odd size and I can’t seem to find one.  Maybe that’s why they are in-store only.

Förbanna… that means “damn” in Swedish.


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