12 Things About the 25 Things Lists…


I have received a slew of “getting to know you” quizzes in my Facebook account lately.  I happen to like them.  They give me insight into people’s lives – some of whom I have known for many years.   I’m always surprised when they reveal some fact about themselves that I otherwise would never have known. 

It’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t like the 25 Things Lists. In the following article,  25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About YouClaire Suddath completely disses the idea of social networking sites as viable source of social interaction.   

Claire writes, “But it’s just so stupid. Most people aren’t funny, they aren’t insightful, and they share waytoo much. Facebook is a loose social network; a “friend” on Facebook might translate to someone you’d barely recognize in real life. I don’t care that my college roommate’s sister is anemic or that my stepcousin’s boyfriend gets nervous around old people (apparently he’s afraid they’re going to die)”.

Well, Claire, guess what?

1.  I must admit that I don’t like what you have to say. 
2.  In fact, if you asked to be my Facebook friend, I would press the “ignore” button.  
3.  Never mind that I don’t know you.  Apparently, according to you, no one really knows their “friends” on Facebook anyhow.
4. I also disagree that people aren’t funny, insightful or interesting.  I have discovered things about people that I never dreamed of knowing.  They also admitted things that were touching, poignant and very human.  So THERE.
5.  Just because you, Claire, might be a closet misanthrope doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t play well with others.
6.  It’s not often that people get to tell things about themselves to others. 
7.  If I randomly told one of my co-workers that “I’ve wanted to visit Normandy, France since I was 14” they would wonder why I was telling them that bit of information.  They might not want to work with me anymore.
8.  Putting it in a list of 25 things about yourself makes others realize that they too have always wanted to visit somewhere and identify with me.
9.  Writing 25 things about oneself does not a narcissist make. 
10.  Writing an article for Time magazine about how much better you are than others IS, however, narcissistic.
11.  Raising three kids, working and taking care of a house does not leave much time for face to face social interactions.   So if you, CLAIRE, are able to visit with your real friends face to face on a regular basis, how nice for you.
12.  Why don’t you go join Hatebook?   It’s a great anti-social site for people just like you.


8 thoughts on “12 Things About the 25 Things Lists…

  1. I read that article too, and it made me uncomfortable for reasons I couldn’t describe… but I think you captured it pretty well!

  2. There was an article in USA Today last week about how totally cool these lists of 25 things are. I preferred that writer’s take to Claire Suddath’s!

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