Guns, Elves and Rock and Roll – Who Knew?

It’s that time again… I’m weeding the science fiction and fantasy collection at the library.  While I happen to like sci fi and fantasy I find the jacket artwork to be absolutely atrocious.   You know how much I like to share, so I thought that I’d show some real winners to y’all.

Quick – what do violent elves, strange looking children, women dressed in poorly fitting suits with guns and creatures from outer space have to do with one another?  Normally nothing, unless you’re talking about The OtherWorld by Mercedes Lackey, and here’s the jacket cover to prove it:


Another trend in fantasy is elvish creatures in rock and roll bands.  I have a feeling that Tolkien would have been offended.  Don’t believe me?  Check this one out:


Incidentally, black capes and pointed hats are OUT for witches this year.   Instead, fashionable witches are wearing leather and low rise pants with lots of skin showing.  Here’s a visual:


Of course, if you are going to feature damsels in distress on your book jacket, they have to have a chest size of at least a 38 DD and must be able to handle cold weather with their scanty dress.  Leather accessories are always in style.


Now if you’re going to be at war with intergalactic creatures, you’d better be a good shot.  There’s really no end to the violent weapons on sci fi jackets.



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