What Is This Mid-Winter Break Stuff Anyhow?


I want you to raise your hand if you remember having a “mid-winter break” when you were growing up.   Okay, other than the guy in the back who looks to be around 20, no one else remembers this educational phenomenon. 

If a school district insists on having a “mid-winter break”, what’s wrong with having a four day weekend? My kids have the entire week off.  That’s right – the ENTIRE week.

Here’ a news flash – we’re in a recession.  There are, I’m sure, a number of families taking awesome trips to warmer climates but the rest of us slobs are sitting on our butts here in the cold.   

I always feel compelled to take my kids places and plan things for us to do when they’re off school.  This is particularly challening  in my family since my eldest is 16 and my youngest is 7.  That leaves restaurants, movies (sometimes) and museums.   That means money.  Did I mention that we’re in a recession?

Oh well.  I’m going to look on the bright side – the next break we have is Easter week and that’s one step closer to spring.  I feel better already.

In the meantime, please send kind thoughts my way.   Try the pork chops – I’ll be here all week (badda boom).


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