The Best Things In Life Are Free Or Won in a Contest

There’s a new trend among fashionable blogs these days and it’s called “giveaways”.   These stylish bloggers give something away, like a gift card or a gift certificate, and all we have to do is follow their instructions to be entered to win. 

I am sorry to say that I’m not a fashionable blogger.  I’m not part of the in-crowd and I don’t have anything worth giving away.  I can offer my support and encouragement, and a couple of pairs of Lia Sophia earrings that I never liked but that’s all that I have.    

 In the meantime, I heard that Audrey at Barking Mad is giving away a $250.00 gift certificate to Target to a random blogger who shares five of their favorite posts. 

I’m not proud.  I love Target.  I’m superficial and materialistic and probably need help with that part of my life but what the heck.   Here’s five of my fav’s-wish me luck.  

And if I win – slushies for everyone!  Woo hoo!  Life is good.

The 7 Problems of Highly Annoying Organizers

Cursing, Smiting and Carrying On

 It’s Not Pretty Looking Easy

Okay, So I’m Not Martha Stewart

Right on Target


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