Fun With JoJo in the Mud

Hello boys and girls! 


This is JoJo. 
JoJo is a dog.
JoJo likes to play.
JoJo likes to run.
JoJo could play and run for 10 hours.
Run, JoJo, run!

JoJo has ruined the backyard.
It is mud.
The grass is dead.
It is ugly.
It is bad.


This is John.
John is a dad.
John does not like the backyard.
John swears at the mud.
Oh no. 

John puts down hay.
Work, John, work!
Hay and mud make muddy hay.
It is bad.

John swears more.
It is raining today.
John wants to blow up the backyard.


This is Amy.
Amy is a mom.
Amy does not like mud.
Amy has to clean.
Clean, Amy, clean!

Amy wants to cry.
Amy is tired of mud.
Amy wants to pour cement all over.
Amy does not want a backyard.


Here is JoJo again.
JoJo does not care about muddy paws.
JoJo likes to play.
JoJo likes to run.
JoJo likes the mud.
JoJo thinks humans are weird.

Goodbye JoJo!
Goodbye John!
Goodbye Amy!
Hello spring!
Hello mud!


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