Dali – The Persistence of Memory

Yesterday was one of my least favorite days of the year – it’s called “spring ahead” day.  Doesn’t that sound fun and friendly?  I picture happy bunnies jumping through the meadow and “springing ahead”. 

“Springing ahead”, of course, has nothing to do with bunnies, it’s all about Daylight Savings Time.   Who decided that messing with the clocks was a good idea anyhow? 

I’ve heard a couple of different theories regarding why we continue to mess with the clocks and add another hour of daylight.  One is that we will use less energy with an extra hour of daylight.  Maybe this is true in other American households except for my own.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, my kids have every light and electronic device turned on. 

The second theory is that American farmers have more time to work outside and tend their crops.  That’s a good theory too, except I’m seeing all sorts of produce that is a “product of Mexico” in my supermarket.  Up until 2005, Indiana didn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time – don’t they have crops there too?

Someone told me that it possibly had to do with cows.  I didn’t realize that cows had watches and kept track of that sort of thing.  Who knew…

I know!  It’s to remind us all to change the batteries in our smoke detectors!

What I also know is that I tried to go to bed last night but I couldn’t fall asleep because, technically, it was an hour before my bedtime.  I also know that I had a terrible time getting my kids up this morning because they obviously couldn’t sleep either.

I also don’t need another hour of daylight – I’m fine with the amount that we have. 

I think I’m just sleep deprived and cranky.  Give me a few days and I’ll be in a better mood.  By November, when we “fall back”, I’ll be feeling great.


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