Library Patrons Say the Darndest Things

Maybe it’s all of the cold medication that I’ve taken this week (I freely admit that I took as much as the FDA recommends and maybe more).  Maybe it’s just that I’ve been a librarian for quite a while now.  Maybe it’s just ME period, but this week seemed really wacky.

The topper was the patron who came to the reference desk and, in a cheery voice, asked me if I had any matches.  Matches.  In a library. 

I must have had that “doe in the headlights” look because he then said, “Boy, you should have seen your face when I asked  you that.”  We both laughed then he said, “So, you really don’t have any?”

No, no matches.  No lighters.  No razor blades to slice pretty pictures out of books either.  No kidding – this week has been bizarre.

I’m going to take two more aspirin and I’ll blog in the morning.  In the meantime, here’s wishing everyone out there a fine weekend.


3 thoughts on “Library Patrons Say the Darndest Things

  1. wow, matches? really? in a library? with lots of dry, brittle paper just waiting to go up in flames? maybe he just wanted to go outside for a quick smoke break, but to have any expectation of finding matches at a library is hilarious.

    sorry that you’re having an icky, wacky week…

  2. I’m telling you, here’s your fortune. Add this story to your book “Reference, May I Hold You?” and you’re going to be all set.

    • Wow – I could be FAMOUS! I will mention both you and Bria in my memoirs. Chapter 2 will be dedicated to my co-workers.

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