Goin’ Mobile


(Alternative title: My kids and my money are going to cool places and all I get is this lousy blog post.)

It’s a new world here at our house.  Gone are the days of taking my eldest two kids to the park to play.  No more Barbies, no more Legos.   No more cartoons, no more Happy Meals.   They’re onto bigger, better and more expensive things now. 

Eldest Son is leaving today for Grand Rapids with his robotics team and then he’ll be going in April to Atlanta to the First Robotics championships.   He’ll get to compete with some of the best teams in the country and meet with college recruiters who are looking for smart kids.   

Let’s hear it for scholarships.  Woot!

Teenage Daughter is going to NYC next week with her 8th grade class and meeting famous people like Yoko Ono and Todd Parr.  The students will be taking part in a peace project by reading “The Peace Book” to random people and giving away bags filled with literature and other peace promoting merchandise.  Then they’re doing a gazillion other New York City-ish things.

Wow.  How fun is that?

So, what will I be doing whilst my offspring are roaming free in the world? 

Worrying.  It’s what I’m best at.   I should add it to my resume.

Then I’ll spend some time with my other kids – the one who’s not a teenager and the one who has the car keys.  

Time goes so fast, doesn’t it?  Pretty soon I’ll be blogging about Youngest Son’s traveling adventures.  I think I’ll take him to the park and buy him a Happy Meal – I don’t want to miss out on anything in between.


One thought on “Goin’ Mobile

  1. First of all, tell Rachel I am SO very jealous. Some of my favorite books EVER are by Todd Parr. We have several here at home! Also, YAY for Matt. I was just telling Craig that Matt does Robotics. Was Matt at MACUL last week? Our Robotics kids were. I can’t wait to hear how Matt’s team does. Wow, isn’t amazing the opportunities that the kids have? And as for the littlest one growing up–I still remember when they were babies together, and it doesn’t really seem all that long ago that you hauled even over and we drank vanilla tea and watched them hang out on a baby blanket together. Waaahhh!

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