Maybe I’d Rather Not Know


I received a very excited text from Teenage Daughter yesterday.  It read, “OMG MOMMY – I HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG HURRY!!!” 

How would you feel if you received this message from your 13 year daughter who is currently in New York?  What could this mean?  Is it good news or is it bad news?  Should I expect a call from a chaperone? 

The next message had a picture of a very fetching Coach purse attached.  The text said, “Look what I bought today!  I’ll call you later – it’s a longggg story.”

Now, Teenage Daughter rarely calls me  – she texts people exclusively.   Teenage Daughter also didn’t go to New York with $200 spending money.  She had money for lunches and some nice souvenirs but NOT a Coach bag.  Red flags were going up all over the place.

I remained calm when she finally called.  We exchanged pleasantries about meals and sightseeing and then I told her that I wanted to whole story about how she obtained that purse.  There were snippets about Chinatown and “knowing someone who knew where to go”, a strange underground place where they kept purses and her exchange of cash.  Good heavens.

I’ve since talked to a few people who confirmed that this is a common thing in Chinatown, but for a bunch of 13 year old girls?

Then I picked her up from the airport tonight and she was the same girl who left on Wednesday, only now she’s the proud owner of a counterfeit Coach bag.  Plus, she’s got a suitcase full of dirty clothes and a digital camera full of cool pics.  

Sounds like a successful vacation.  As to details of the underground purse exchange?  Maybe I’d rather not know.


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