This Little Piggy Is Nearer To Home

This swine flu news is quite alarming, isn’t it?  Every news site I turn to says that the planet is on “heightened alert”.   However, it doesn’t seem like it’s time to go screaming into the desert or hide out in some abandoned building and hope that we survive.   Personally, I think the media is creating mass hysteria.

That being said, it does indeed seem as though it’s hit closer to home – my kids’ schools are to be closed for two days due to an unconfirmed but possible case in the high school.   

I can also say that I’ve already survived the swine flu (or a very bad reaction to the immunization) once and I really don’t want to have to go through it again.

The CDC has a historical (and somewhat snarky, IMHO) page documenting the 1976 swine flu debacle.  It has all sorts of information on the governmental policies and politics that went into coming up with a vaccine for the public. 

However, it doesn’t do justice to the fact that the vaccine was faulty and that people were sickened and even died from it. One part states:

“While the manufacturers’ ultimatum reflected the trend of increased litigiousness in American society, its unintended, unmistakable subliminal message blared “There’s something wrong with this vaccine.”  This public misperception, warranted or not, ensured that every coincidental health event that occurred in the wake of the swine flu shot would be scrutinized and attributed to the vaccine.”

I am here to tell you that it was true – I got deathly ill after receiving that vaccine.

Now, I’m not a screaming mimi, nor am I a hypochondriac.  I also get a flu vaccine every year and I don’t believe that they’re made from “live” viruses, so I know that they cannot make you sick.   However, the vaccine made in 1976 was a royal mistake. 

After waiting in line for what seemed forever, I got the infamous vaccine along with my mom and older brother (my younger brother was three years old and too young for it).  I got sick almost immediately.  I had a fever of over 104 and was in and out of hallucinations for  days.  (To this day, I don’t understand why people do mind altering drugs – that experience was good enough for me).  

True to most viruses, it seemed to hang on for an eternity.   I missed over a week of school and lost ten pounds (which at 10 years old is quite a bit of weight).  It was absolutely miserable.  At least I didn’t die or get Guillian-Barre syndrome, like so many others did. 

I just read an RSS blub from WebMD that said that a swine flu vaccine is still at least six months away at this point.  Really?  I can wait.  Come to think of it, let’s hope the CDC learned their lesson or I’ll just take my chances.


One thought on “This Little Piggy Is Nearer To Home

  1. I think sometimes the CDC just needs to provide proof of why it needs to exist. If not the swine flu, than something else. The Ebola scare of the 90s pretty much has worn off! 😉

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