i'm confused

I feel like the walking dead today.  Rachel is being confirmed on Sunday and I’ve invited 30 people over for lunch. 

The next time I post that I’m hosting a party and need to clean carpets and paint the bathroom, feel free to comment back that I need to stop.  I won’t block you or even hold it against you.  Friends don’t let friends have parties that they obviously don’t have time for which to prepare. 

Anyhow, I decided that I need caffeine on the way to work so I stopped at McDonald’s.  I was originally going to just have a diet Coke but then an enticing picture of whipped cream drizzled with chocolate caught my eye. This is when things got out of hand. 

Posted below the menu was a special menu for the McCafe.  According to the sign, all I need to know is if I want something hot or cold, made with whole milk or skim and something else that escapes me at the moment. 

If it were only that easy.  I can make split second decisions with the best of them but for some reason, I couldn’t wrap my brain around the McCafe today.

For example, what is a frappe?  Is that a cute, shortened version of a frappacino?  Are all of the fancy coffee drinks sweet?  What’s the difference between iced coffee and an iced latte?  They sure look the same to me. 

If I added chocolate syrup to my iced coffee and then topped it with whipped cream, wouldn’t it just be iced coffee with a chocolate syrup shot and whipped cream?  How did it suddenly become a mocha? (Well, I answered my own question by going to Mcdonald’s Cafe online, but it’s, of course, easier to figure things out when you have the luxury of time and visual aids.)

It was just too much for me this afternoon.  I just weakly ordered a diet Coke and a hamburger and waited for my turn to pay.  They now have two order stations at our local McDonald’s so I then had to figure out if the guy pulling out of the other station was supposed to go first or if I was. 

Never realized fast food could be so complex.  I hope no one asks me anything too complicated on the reference desk tonight.


One thought on “McHuh?

  1. with the amount of sugar, etc., in those McCafes you might be better off just having fries. at least that’s what i tell myself…

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