Does this exercise dvd make my butt look fat?

It’s that time again – I’m weeding the exercise area of the health collection.  Most of the VHS have been removed and I’ve added all sorts of DVDs designed to crunch, sculpt, shred, tone, relax and groove your body, in the comfort of your own living room.   Just another service I provide…

I also wanted to provide you with a little humor today.  Just as the science fiction covers are worthy of a laugh, so are many older exercise VHS covers.  My, just look how far we’ve come with exercise garb…

Jane Fonda pink leotard Can you feel the burn?  Jane Fonda is so easy to pick on.  I cannot see how wearing a belt with a leotard while jumping around and aerobicizing would be comfortable, but it does define the waist.



Jane wearing skinsBehind every buff woman wearing leopardskin is a man in an ill fitting unitard.




 Jane fonda bizarre buttNow, here’s a style that I’m not sorry is gone.  Butt floss was never good for any figure. 




denise austin yeehahWell, looky here.  Y’all remember Denise Austin, don’t you?  She does those gawd awful Idaho potato commercials.  This is her back when line dancing was all the rage.  You could do-si-do while listening to her grating voice.  Totally painful all the way around.

 kathy smith kickboxing

Behind every kickboxing woman is a creepy looking guy with a bad haircut.  Nice wife beater, dude.




leslie sansone and seniorI am all for seniors and elderly people being able to exercise.  It’s great to be active all of ones life.  However, what is this woman doing on this cover?  Way to go, Leslie.



susan powterNow HERE’S a blast from your infomercial past.  You’ve got to BREATHE (heavy breathing) and MOVE (more heavy breathing)…  Kinda makes you miss being up at 3 am and watching tv, doesn’t it?



Richard Simmons discoOhmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, IT’S RICHARD!!!!!  (Hug hug).  Makes you just want to grab your striped shorts and dance!



awful exercise vhsI just threw this one in – just in case you were considering bleaching and perming your hair at any time in the future.


4 thoughts on “Does this exercise dvd make my butt look fat?

  1. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh…I’m laughing so hard I’m practically crying! You (and these covers) are TOO FUNNY!

  2. These are hilarious! Embarrassingly enough, I remember being a young person when the very high cut leotards became the new thing and thinking that they were just the epitome of hotness. Sheesh!

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