Inquiring Minds Want to Know

From time to time it becomes apparent to me that I have many unanswered questions.  I’ve given up on asking my Magic 8 Ball – it’s stuck on “Ask again later”.  Annoying – they just don’t make toys like they used to.

So, here are some questions that are burning a hole through my cerebellum today.  If you can answer any or all of them, leave me a comment.  There’s no prizes, but I’ll be forever beholdin’ to you. 

1.  Where are the parents in the “Max and Ruby” books and cartoons? 
Ruby is the single caretaker for her emotionally stunted brother, Max.  Grandma Bunny shows up every now and again, mainly at parties, but other than that there is no parental guidance.  Both Max and Ruby are going to end up in counseling someday. 

2.  Why does my dog steal socks and take them to the backyard? 
This is beyond me.  She’s been known to take my slippers out there too. 

3.  Why do empty boxes and juice cartons get put back into the cupboards and refrigerator?
I don’t get it.  They’re empty.  Throw them away.  The effort it takes to put them back in the cupboard/fridge is equal to the amount expended while trashing them.

4.  What are those bumper stickers on the backs of cars that appear to be country abbreviations?  Where do you get them and why would you want one?
Clearly, I’m not in the “in” crowd on this one.  Someone please clue me “in”. 

5.  What is the obsession the US has with Britney Spears all about?
I don’t get this one at ALL.  She doesn’t appear to be too terribly smart or talented and her last song sounds like she’s on helium. 

6. Jon and Kate Plus 8… who cares?
Have you ever watched this show?  It’s awful, boring and I have no idea why it’s so incredibly popular.  Now we get to hear all about their marital problems.  May end up to be John Minus Kate Plus Child Support of 8.

7.  Why is the song “Kiss Me Through the Phone” so popular?
For those of you who are not captured audiences to your teen’s hip hop music tastes, this song is played CONSTANTLY.  It’s painful to listen to with lyrics like: “Baby, I know that  U like me, U my future wifey”.  Thanks, Soulja Boy – right back at U.

8.  Back to my dog… how does she know when I’m going to give her a bath? 
I don’t even say the word “BATH” out loud, but she knows what’s coming and gives me a look that says, “Hell no, we won’t go!” while hitting the road and running as far away from me as her little legs will take her.


2 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. Oh my, I’m glad I’m not the only one with doggy drama. Except mine roll in stuff. Let me ask you – why is it always dead stuff or poo? Why is it never, say, flowers?

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