Really Bad Books Deserve a Really Funny Blog

librarians help us find information

As a service to my readers, I would like to start highlighting “blogs of interest” (otherwise known as blogs that I like to read).   Today’s selection includes three of my very favorite things: libraries, books and humor. 

Not just any books, mind you.  No, these are the books that lurk on the shelves and repel patrons by their covers and their musty smell.  They offend people by their nasty or outdated covers.   They are often not politically correct.

When they are finally found by librarians weeding the shelves, they pretend that they are still relevant and that they were actually read within the last 10 years. Really bad books are just like that.

Go ahead – see for yourself.  Awful Library Books will make you see bad books in a totally different way.


3 thoughts on “Really Bad Books Deserve a Really Funny Blog

  1. love. that. blog. oh, and Amy – the book cover you used for your post – I have the book. someone from cpl gave it to me as a going away present after a weeding session. oh how i love inappropriate and outdated book titles…

    • Hey Bria
      That book sat on Julie’s desk for the longest time, so I’m guessing that she gave it to you. Really Awful Books made me laugh so hard that I had to get up from the desk and take a break!!!

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